Operation Parindey 2020

Operation Parindey 2020 Hindi Film
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“The film begins on a cold Sunday morning where 3-4 cars filled with policemen have come to drop a prisoner. The policemen are all carrying sophisticated weapons; the moment the process of the handing over of the prisoner is finished. Suddenly the prisoner whips a gun and starts shooting, it is at this second that one realises. That the policemen who have come are in fact criminals disguised as police. This whole operation lasts 12 mins in which 4 gangsters and 2 terrorists runaway in the 3 cars. The government is under tremendous pressure and so is the department. So a Special Task Force is formed under the supervision of Additional SP Manoj along with his team Kartar and Mallu. Manoj and his team of able officers try to crack down on the escaped prisoners. Thus begins the Operation Parindey. This manhunt is cat and mouse story, in 24 hours all prisoners try to scatter and run in different directions. While Manoj and his team try to hunt them down and ensure they don’t run too far.

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