Boris and the Bomb 2019 Hindi Dubbed

Boris and the Bomb 2019 Hindi Dubbed Film
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30 years ago KGB agent Boris Ivanov (J. Anthony McCarthy) was primed to honor “Mother Russia”. In a blaze of glory by setting off a nuclear bomb in London. In love with his best friend’s wife, Boris finds himself unable to set off the blast that would kill her and her young daughter, Maya. Instead, he kills his best friend , Sammi Reddi (Faran Tahir), and runs away with The Bomb. For 30 years Boris has hidden The Bomb from The Group. A nefarious organization bent on world domination, by laying low, eating corn dogs and seeking redemption playing a hero with the T.A.K.A. unit. Now. The Group is closing in, the FBI is on the hunt. Maya has learned the truth. The Bomb is counting down. The chase is on as Boris finds his only recourse is a Yuber driver named Jimmy.

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