3 Bahadur Rise of the Warriors 2018

3 Bahadur Rise of the Warriors 2018 Animated Pakistani Film
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A safe and peaceful town with all the villains put behind bars – thanks to our heroes. The kids are going about their lives like other children, at times finding it difficult to control their powers. It is only during a school trip when they run into the mysterious circus performer, Erma (Mehwish Hayat), that things start to heat up. Erma is a superhero from a parallel world, running and hiding from Babushka (Nimra Bucha), who is searching for her to take away her superpowers. The three vow to protect Erma, even turning against Deenu Chacha (Behroze Sabzwari), their mentor who gave them their powers in the first place. More twists follow as the children work selflessly for the greater good.

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